SQL Server Denali’s Project Crescent: Business Intelligence for Everybody

True business intelligence solutions simplify the complexness of massive data sets while rendering the behind-the-scenes work invisible. Sometimes, you will see the misperception this means trained data analysis professionals can leverage business intelligence software to produce significant reports, however that perception does not grasp certainly one of BI’s key concepts: data will be able to be processed by everybody, whether it’s a database administrator, a free account executive within the sales department, or even the Chief executive officer.

Microsoft’s newest discharge of SQL Server, code name “Denali,” will have a new reporting service with this concept at its very core – provide significant business intelligence to anybody who needs it.

Project “Crescent,” certainly one of Denali’s key features, is definitely an interactive web-based tool created for data visualization, exploration, and presentation. Located in Silverlight, it has a dynamic yet easy-to-use interface by which data could be manifested through charts, graphs, tables, etc. having a simple click within seconds. In keeping with Microsoft form, its interface is really a familiar one, discussing many qualities along with other applications within the Microsoft ‘office’ suite.

Crescent’s drag-and-drop interface concentrates at users who require use of effective data but don’t have the technical expertise to create queries. It might look much like SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), but make no mistake about this – Crescent integrates with PowerPivot for SharePoint and SSRS itself to provide functionality that SSRS can’t match.

Probably the most user-friendly features boasted by Crescent is “storyboarding,” an element that leverages the drag-and-drop interface to imbed charts, graphs, tables, etc. onto a PowerPoint slide to produce simple, yet interactive renditions of complex data. Meta information is selected from a number of drop downs and tabs, and parameters are placed via multi-select boxes. This information is immediately linked together. For instance, if you want to understand why your company possessed a dip in sales in The month of january, all that’s needed is always to click on the “The month of january” bar or column on a single graph to ensure that others to evolve and demonstrate The month of january-centric data.

Beyond that, graphs and charts on Crescent could be animated displaying sales trends more than a time frame is simply one illustration of this effective tool. An application development company may decide to track projects by discipline during the period of a couple of years. Using Crescent, decision-makers can follow multiple trends more than one timeline, possibly showing that although.Internet database integration has decreased, SQL Server development and Android development have elevated concurrently. This could gauge the potency of marketing and advertising efforts or identify industry trends.

All this may seem confusing, but a glance at this official illustration showing Project “Crescent” helps guide you effective but simple the tool is really. Keep in mind that Crescent is dependant on PowerPivot and needs SharePoint and SSRS integration, therefore it may behoove your customers to locate a capable person in the Microsoft Partner Network to obtain the ball moving just before its actual release.

For individuals who would like to begin to see the technology in advance, the city Technology Preview (CTP) can be obtained for download from Microsoft. Testing it in advance can be a good arrange for enterprises searching to consider their SQL Server and business intelligence solutions one stage further, being an early test-run are able to place you in front of the curve once the actual release occurs.

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