Three Website Mistakes to Avoid when Dealing with the Holiday Traffic

As an e-commerce website owner, you surely know that the holidays are your best time of the year as long as you are prepared to deal with more customer traffic to your store online. Being prepared ensures you have a backup plan when things go wrong. Issues like website crashes, shipment delays, and unsatisfied customers can ruin your holiday projections and stress you out seriously. No matter how dependable your websitebuilder is, you still have to be prepared for the unexpected and avoid the following common mistakes that can be made during the holiday sales season:

Failing to Check the Capacity of your Hosting Plan

Website crashes are possible when online shoppers overwhelm your website during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In fact, even if your website does not crash, your site could slow down because of heavy traffic. If your product pages tend to take time to load, customers are unlikely to wait for them to load. To avoid these mistakes, look over your hosting plan. Check if you have a limited bandwidth to use or a limited number of website visitors in a given month. If so, talk to your web host about upgrading your hosting plan to deal with heavy traffic that may go beyond these limits.

Not Having Automated Website Backups

Aside from traffic, there are other things that can take your website offline. These include malware, hackers, problematic updates, and user errors. The problem can be too serious that you prefer to take your site down and restore the uncorrupted version. However, you can possibly do this only if you have the uncorrupted version of your site. Otherwise, you could lose plenty of holiday business while trying to determine what is wrong with your website. To avoid this mistake, get a hosting plan that offers automated site backups. With these backups, it will be easy for you to restore previous versions through the hosting dashboard.

Not Have Stronger Website Security Measures

Some holiday visitors on your website may be there to wreak havoc to your operation. Malware can get into your site in various forms and hackers will want to invade any type of websites for various reasons like boredom and data theft. You can avoid this kind of problem by checking the security measures your web host is taking to protect your data and keeping your website online. Find features such as regular scans, physical server security, updated server firewalls, and free SSL certificates.

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